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Justices of Texas was made possible by a $15,500 grant from the Digital Library Services Division at The University of Texas at Austin. Awarded in 2006, the grant enabled the Library to digitize portraits from its Texas Jurists Collection, design and develop the Justices of Texas digital library, and undertake extensive biographical research on each of the justices represented.

The Tarlton Law Library gratefully acknowledges the assistance and cooperation of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society, and its executive director Bill Pugsley, for generously sharing research materials and expertise.

Thanks to the Gov. Bill and Vara Daniel Center for Legal History, State Bar of Texas, for scanning several portraits in their collection for inclusion in Justices of Texas. Thanks to the Texas State Cemetery and the University of Houston Libraries' UH Through Time project for granting the Law Library permission to use select portraits from their websites.

Thanks also to the Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin, for supplying biographical materials for a number of justices, and to John Anderson, photographs archivist at the Texas State Library & Archives, for assisting with the location of several portraits.