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Additional resources

The Supreme Court of Texas
The website of the current Texas Supreme Court.

Constitution of the State of Texas (current version)
Available from Texas Legislature Online, the official website of the Texas Legislature.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Highest state court for appeals resulting from criminal cases.

The online catalog of the Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Supreme Court at Tarlton
For materials at Tarlton on the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas Constitutions at Tarlton
For materials at Tarlton on Texas constitutions.

Handbook of Texas Online
The Encyclopedia of Texas history.

Texas Supreme Court Historical Society
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of papers, photographs, and significant artifacts relating to the Supreme Court of Texas, the appellate courts, and Texas judicial history.

Gammel's The Laws of Texas
The University of North Texas' electronic version of Gammel's compilation of documents (volumes 1-10) reflecting Texas legal history from colonization through statehood.

Center for American History
Special collections library and historical research institution.

Texas State Historical Association
Texas history links.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Texas Treasures: Includes images and text of several landmark documents in Texas history.

Karl T. Gruben and James E. Hambleton, eds., A Reference Guide to Texas Legal History, 2d ed. (Austin, TX: Butterworth Legal Publishers 1987).

Judicial System of Texas reported in: Texas Cases, 361-362 S.W.2d
introductory section before first pagination of volume 361 begins (West 1963).

Linda Gardner, The Texas Supreme Court: An Index of Selected Sources on the Court and its Member, 1836 to 1981, (Austin, TX: University of Texas at Austin, Tarlton Law Library 1983).

Texas Cases, Reported in the Southwestern Reporter (West Publishing Co.).
Provides a list of Texas judges and officers in the preliminary pages of each volume. Sequential volumes can be used to compile a list of judges.

Texas Almanac, Sesquicentennial Edition 1857-2007 ( Dallas Morning News, 2006). Call No. Ref. Off. AY 311 D3 T5 2006-2007.
Provides a list of Chief Justices of the Texas Supreme Court and Presiding Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals from 1836 to present.