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The Papers of Justice Tom C. Clark

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Yates v. United States (1957)

Communism - Yates v. United States, 1957

Communist Poster

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Docket Sheet

Bench Memorandum - 1956 Term

Bench Memorandum - 1957 Term

Draft opinion of Justice Harlan

Justice Clark's draft dissent

First circulated draft of Justice Clark's dissent

Letter from Justice Frankfurter to Court regarding postponement of decision

Justice Clark's first draft majority opinion after re-argument

Memorandum with summary of cases involving multiple contempts

In 1921, Congress passed the Smith Act, which prohibited the advocacy of overthrowing the U.S. government. In 1951, 14 members of the Communist party in California were convicted under the act. On appeal, the Supreme Court reversed their convictions in what is considered an important expansion of the First Amendment protection of free speech. In Yates, the Court held that the mere advocacy of the overthrow of the government was insufficient for a conviction under the Smith Act, and that more "concrete action" would be necessary before a person could be convicted.



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