Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas (1827)


Spanish version

Laws and Decrees of the State of Coahuila and Texas, in Spanish and English: to Which Is Added the Constitution of Said State. Trans. J. P. Kimball. Houston: Telegraph Power Press, 1839, pp. 313-342. Streeter 310.

Preamble and Preliminary Provisions

Title I: Legislative Power of the State
Section I: Deputies of Congress
Section II: Election of Deputies
Section III: Holding Sessions
Section IV: Powers of Congress, and its Permanent Deputation
Section V: Formation and Promulgation of Laws

Title II: Executive Power Of The State
Section I: The Governor
Section II: Vice-Governor
Section III: Executive Council
Section IV: Election of Governor: Vice-Governor and Councillors
Section V: Secretary of State
Section VI: Department Police Chiefs, and Subordinate or District Chiefs
Section VII: Ayuntamientos

Title III: Judicial Power
Sole Section: Administration of Justice

Title IV:
Sole Section: State Revenue

Title V:
Sole Section: Civic Militia of the State

Title VI:
Sole Section: Public Education

Title VII:
Sole Section: Observance of the Constitution