Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)


Spanish version

Constitutive Acts of the Mexican Federation 21 of January, 1824, also Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States October 4, 1824. Laws of Texas. Compiled by H. P. N. Gammel. 12 vols. Austin: The Gammel Book Company, 1898. Volume 1, pp. 71-93.

Letter of Transmittal


Title I:
Sole Section: Of the Mexican Nation, its Territory and Religion

Title II:
Sole Section: Of the form of Government of the Nation, of its integral parts, and of the division of the Supreme Power

Title III: Of the Legislative Power
Section I: Of its Nature, the Mode of exercising it
Section II: Of the Chamber of Deputies
Section III: Of the Chamber of Senators
Section IV: Of the Economical Functions of the two Chambers and of the Prerogatives of their Members
Section V: Powers of the General Congress
Section VI: Of the Formation of the Laws
Section VII: Of the Time, Duration and Place of holding the General Congress

Title IV: Of the Supreme Executive Power of the Confederation
Section I: Of the Persons to whom this Power is confided, and their Election
Section II: Of the Duration of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, and the mode of filling Vacancies in each, and of their Oath
Section III: Of the Prerogatives of the President and Vice President
Section IV: Of the Attributes of the President, and the Restrictions of his Powers
Section V: Of the Council of the Government
Section VI: Of the Business of Government

Title V: Of the Judicial Power of the Union
Section I: Of the Nature and Distribution of this Power
Section II: Of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Election, Duration and Oaths of its Members
Section III: Of the Attributes of the Supreme Court
Section IV: Mode of judging the Members of the Supreme Court
Section V: Of the Circuit Courts
Section VI: Of the District Judges
Section VII: General Rules for Administration of Justice in the States and Territories of the Union

Title VI: Of the States of the Federation
Section I: Of the Particular Government of the States
Section II: Of the Obligations of the States
Section III: The Restrictions of the Powers of the States

Title VII:
Sole Section: Of the Observance, Interpretation, and Reform of the Constitution and Constitutive Act