Constitution of the State of Texas (1876)


Constitution of the State of Texas, Adopted by the Constitutional Convention, Begun and Held at the City of Austin, on the Sixth Day of September, 1875. Official. Galveston: Printed at the "News" Steam Book and Job Establishment. [1875.] Winkler-Friend 3638.

Article I: Bill of Rights
Article II: The Powers of Government
Article III: Legislative Department
Article IV: Executive Department
Article V: Judicial Department
Article VI: Suffrage
Article VII: Education--The Public Free Schools
Article VIII: Taxation and Revenue
Article IX: Counties
Article X: Railroads
Article XI: Municipal Corporations
Article XII: Private Corporations
Article XIII: Spanish and Mexican Land Titles
Article XIV: Public Lands and Land Office
Article XV: Impeachment
Article XVI: General Provisions
Article XVII: Mode of Amending the Constitution of this State