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Hyder Collection

About the Collection

While doing post-graduate work at Harvard University, Elton M. Hyder, Jr. was inspired to begin building his own legal related art collection. On a trip to Europe in 1949, he began purchasing pieces. By 1961, he had acquired over 100 items. After visiting Tarlton Law Library, at the time located in Townes Hall, Mr. Hyder made an offer to Dean Keeton to loan items from his collection to the law school in order to make the space more aesthetically pleasing.Eagle

When Tarlton was remodeled in 1981, the law school looked to Mr. Hyder and his wife, Martha Rowan Hyder, to add warmth and personality to the space. Mrs. Hyder saw the potential for grandeur and, with a team of designers and assistants, worked to build the collection to accentuate the space. The Hyders traveled throughout the world and items were purchased with an eye towards specific locations within the law school and library.

As the collection grew, items were not restricted to being specifically legal in nature. In addition to the portraiture and legal manuscripts that Mr. Hyder originally envisioned, Mrs. Hyder added decorative elements to enhance the overall collection. Hyder tableauThe Hyders intended that the collection be not merely attractive, but also accessible. Students and visitors are invited to sit on the chairs and settles that decorate the library. In addition to law students, students from interior design and art history courses often visit the law library to study pieces of the Hyder Collection. Tours are offered of the works and visitors are welcome.

In order to ensure that future generations of law students would be able to enjoy the Hyder Collection, roughly 1,000 pieces of the collection were given by the Hyder family to the Law School Foundation when Tarlton Law Library was renovated in 2011. German LockAlthough Mr. Hyder passed away in 1995 and Mrs. Hyder was unable to participate in the reinstallation of the collection after the recent remodel of the law library, Tarlton has endeavored to maintain the vision of the Hyders when placing the collection. In reference to the history of the items, Mrs. Hyder once stated, "I like to think that the ghosts of all these people are walking around the library." The Hyder Collection captures the spirit of the law and brings to the physical space of the library the history and majesty of the study of law.

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