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Law and Lawyers in Popular Culture

About the Collection

The average American's understanding of our legal system is both reflected and shaped by our Lpop Roompopular culture. Best sellers, movie theaters, and prime time television have long been filled with images of lawyers. The goal of this collection is to provide as broad a picture as possible of the image of the lawyer in the Anglo-American tradition.

The collection consists of works of fiction in all genres, as well as legal humor, plays, comics, pulp magazines, feature films and documentaries. The primary criterion for an item's inclusion is that it must either include a lawyer as a central character or have been authored by a lawyer. In this way, we are able to show both the public's perception of the lawyer and the lawyer's perception of the public.

Books in the collection circulate to anyone with a UT-Austin ID or Tarlton Law Library borrower's card. The normal check out time is three weeks. The videos and DVDs circulate only to the UT law school community, i.e. students, staff and faculty, for three days.

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