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James E. Yantis (1856-1918)

Associate Justice, Texas Supreme Court, 1915-1918

James E. Yantis was born April 13, 1856 in Columbus, Kentucky. His family moved to Texas in the early 1870s, when James was fifteen years old, settling in Collin County. Yantis graduated from Sam Houston Normal School (now Sam Houston State University ) in 1883. He read law in the office of John Church in McKinney, and was admitted to the bar in 1887. He began practicing law in Sweetwater, but in 1893 moved to Waco, where he was married, lived, and practiced law the rest of his life. Yantis was elected to the Texas Senate in 1896, but resigned the following year to serve as assistant attorney general.

Yantis was appointed an associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court in 1915, and he was elected to the position the following year. He resigned in spring 1918 due to poor health and died in Waco December 1, 1918 at the age of fifty-four. He was buried in Waco 's Oakwood Cemetery.


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