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Lloyd Witten Davidson (1890-1974)

Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, 1955-1961

Lloyd Witten Davidson was born March 31, 1890, in Greenville, Texas, where he graduated from high school in 1908. He attended Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, graduating with an LL.B. in 1909. He was admitted to the Texas bar that year, at the age of nineteen.

Following law school, Davidson began practicing law in Mt. Vernon both on his own and in partnership with Judge R.T. Wilkinson, Sr. In 1921 he relocated to Sulphur Springs, where he practiced with the firm of Ramey & Davidson for the next ten years. In 1931 Gov. Dan Moody appointed him state prosecuting attorney before the court of criminal appeals; he served in that position for ten years.

Davidson next served as a commissioner in aid of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals from 1941 until 1955, when he was elected a judge on the court. He served as a judge from 1955 until retiring in 1961. He chaired the State Bar Committee on Criminal law and Procedure from 1953 to 1954.

Outside of the courtroom, Davidson was an avid hunter and golfer. He was married and had two sons. Davidson died in Austin November 10, 1974 at the age of eighty-four, and was buried in the Texas State Cemetery.


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