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Thomas Johnson (?)

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Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the Republic, 1840

Very little is known about Thomas Johnson. An 1840 letter to President Mirabeau B. Lamar on his behalf described him as "a gentleman of superiour [sic] talents, stern integrity, and great Independence [sic] of character." Records suggest that he may have served as a second lieutenant in the Texas army in 1841. He published a newspaper, the Texian and Brazos Farmer, in Washington-on-the-Brazos from 1842 to 1843.

Johnson was elected district judge of the First Judicial District by the Congress of the Republic in January 1840, automatically making him an associate justice of the supreme court. His election was contested by Anthony B. Shelby, who also claimed the seat. Johnson subsequently resigned in September 1841. There are no records indicating that he ever sat in a session of the court.

Johnson went on to serve as district attorney for the Third Judicial District from 1844 to 1845, and was judge advocate for the court martial of Edwin Ward Moore of the Texas Navy in December 1844.


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