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John T. Mills (1817-1871)

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Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas, 1839-1845

Born November 17, 1817 in County Antrim in northern Ireland, John T. Mills immigrated with his parents to Beaufort County, South Carolina as a child. He studied law in South Carolina. In 1837 he moved to Clarksville, Texas, where he practiced law and was married.

Between the years 1839 and 1845 Mills held three consecutive judgeships of the Third, the Seventh, and the Eighth Judicial Districts, which automatically made him an associate justice of the supreme court. Beginning in 1846 he was appointed judge of several state district courts, serving until 1850. In 1849 he made an unsuccessful bid for the governorship.

In 1854 Mills' wife died, and he remarried and moved to Marshall. His second marriage produced a son. Mills died in Marshall on November 30, 1871 and is buried in Marshall Cemetery.

Notable opinions

Dangerfield v. Secretary of State, Dallam 358 (Tex. 1840) (denying the president of the Republic as well as Congress the power to appoint chief justices of the counties of the republic in lieu of general election).

Edwards v. Peoples, Dallam 359 (Tex. 1840) (affirming jury's verdict for damages in sale of diseased slave in absence of plaintiff's showing that verdict was manifestly contrary to law and evidence).


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