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The Actual Innocence awareness database lists selected United States resources pertaining to wrongful convictions, selected from the popular media (such as newspaper articles and segments which aired on television news magazines), journal articles, books, reports, legislation and websites. The selected materials are classified into subtopics considered the primary causes of wrongful conviction: forensics/DNA; eyewitness identification; false confessions; jailhouse informants; police and/or prosecutorial misconduct; and ineffective representation. There is also a "general" topic for those materials which cover multiple subtopics or defy further categorization.

Please Note: We do not provide legal assistance; this is an information service only. If you have any questions or comments about this service, please contact Stephen Wolfson, reference librarian, at

New resources will be posted as they become available, and will be displayed on the website home page for two weeks; resources will then be classified and available by subtopic. URLs for popular media items (to the extent they are available) will drop off after two weeks in an effort to avoid broken links.

Article titles link to images of each article's first page, when available. The Library provides this service under the "fair use" provision of U.S. copyright law. Only the first page of an article will be scanned, and images will be deleted after two weeks. This service is for non-commercial, educational purposes only.

As of January 10, 2016, this database is no longer being updated. The database archive will be available until May 31, 2016.
Please feel free to contact Jane O’Connell, deputy director, at with any comments or concerns.

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